Water Sports​​

Water Sports in Tehri Lake

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There are so many water sports activities you can take part in during your vacation in Tehri Lake and one of them is parasailing. While being suspended high up the air, one gets to enjoy the majestic view of the longest lake of India and the beautiful scenes around the lake including Tehri Dam.
Jet Ski
It’s is one of the most exciting and thrilling water sports activity. Jet Skis in Tehri Lake are pretty easy to use and those who love to experience the waves & wind, the sport of Jet skiing is just the perfect option. one of the most thrilling and adventurous water sports in Tehri Lake.
Surfing & Knee Bourding
Try something new! Enjoy the fun involved in water sports.As you are mesmerized by the nature that surrounds the Tehri Lake,you also get a chance to enjoy a banana boat ride. This is an exciting water sport ride makes you go crazy about it as the experience thrills you.
Banana Ride
A yellow color boat (normally) similar to the shape of a banana is used for Banana Boat Rides in Tehri Lake. This boat is connected to a speed boat which drives it through the Tehri Lake. With banana ride, you can enjoy the flips, turns and twist of the banana boat.This is very adventurous activity!
If you are adventure n nature lover and want to be enjoy nature. Camping at The Hideaways Adventure is best option for you, Rafting India are situated along stunning bank of the River Hyuel.
Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock ..... belay and rappel anchors and connecting gear, and belay devices which are used to catch a falling climber, hold or lower a climber and for rappelling.
Garhwal Himalayas is one of the most beautiful regions of south asia that infatuates all because of its mountains, magnificent meadows, dense & untouched forest. A trekking tour gives you a chance to meet and interact with people from different cultures and engage with nature at its best.
Mountain Biking
Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes. Mountain bikes share similarities with other bikes, but incorporate features designed to enhance durability and performance in rough terrain.
Kayaking is just like backpacking on an off beaten path, except that this time your adventure is on the sea. This sport provide the best opportunity for sports lovers to come close to nature. While canoeing presents quiet a unique combination of exploration.
A zip line is a means of moving people or equipment over rough or pristine terrain using a cable and special zip line trolley system. There are many variations and uses. The most common use of the term is that of a ride. As an adventure ride, the zip line usually traverses over beautiful landscape or dense rainforest or desert canyons.
Rafting is the most popular adventure sport in Uttarakhand. These rivers flow through deep forests, rocky terrains, mountains and sometimes even along snowy slopes. Stretches along Alaknanda, Dhauliganga and Kali rivers have several challenging rapids.

Sailing is the main variety of yachting, and competitive sailing the main variety of yacht racing. A sailing competition is known as a regatta, usually consists of multiple individual races, where the boat that performs best in each race is the overall winner.